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From time to time, we receive inquiries regarding corporate governance and our shareholdersยด rights. We are pleased to provide answers to these Frequently Asked Questions below.

What information does Logitech make available to investors?
Where can I find Logitech earnings releases and public reports?
What is Logitech's fiscal year?
When and where was Logitech incorporated?
How many employees does Logitech have?
When and where is Logitech's annual shareholders meeting?
What Logitech securities are publicly traded and where?
How many votes does each share have?
Has Logitech split its shares?
Does Logitech have any anti-takeover measures in place?
Where can I find more information on Logitech's board of directors?
How many members of Logitech's board of directors are independent?
How many board committees are in place to assist the Logitech board, and what are they?
Are all members of your Audit Committee independent?
Are all members of your Compensation Committee independent?
Are Logitech's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer the same person?
Does Logitech have a code of ethics?
What is Logitech doing to keep lead and other hazardous substances out of its products?
Does Logitech issue equity compensation to its employees?
What percentage of equity compensation grants in the last year were issued to company executives?
Who is Logitech's auditor and how long has that firm been the company's auditor?
What accounting principles does Logitech use for its financial statements?